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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are frequently asked questions by donaters and ticket recipients. For more information email

Donation Questions

How do I make a ticket donation?

You simply log on to your electronic ticket platform and transfer them to   Then send a quick email to Rae at letting her know the value of the seats you've donated.  You'll receive a receipt of donation within 72 hours of your transfer. 


How close to game time can I donate my tickets?

We ask that tickets are donated 72 hours before the game.  If you have missed the window, you can contact and see if they can be accepted. 


Can I donate a single ticket?

We do not accept single ticket donations


Can I donate just a parking pass?

Yes!  Follow the steps to donate a ticket and within 72 hours you'll receive a receipt.


Does it have to be a sporting event ticket?

No!  We send kids to all sorts of ticketed experiences.  Feel free to email if you have questions about an event you want to share with a child.


What more can I do?

The ticket gets the child into the event!  We are always looking to enhance the experience by providing a meal and/or souvenir.  A financial donation can be made so Kids in Seats can complete the experience.  For more information, contact


My company has a box, suite or luxury tickets. Can We take advantage of donation too?

Yes!  We work with several banks, financial institutions, firms and businesses who donate their corporate tickets and receive a full tax write off for the value of the event.  These tickets are ALWAYS supervised by program staff.  We can be more flexible with donation times knowing that client meetings change, and ticket availability is commonly day of. 

Recipient Questions

How do I become part of Kids In Seats?

Simply send an email to inquiring about membership.


Do I need to be a non-profit or school?

Yes.  Kids in Seats partners only with verified 501(c)3 organizations and schools. 


Can my organization use tickets for fundraisers or raffles?

No.  At no time can tickets be used for fundraising or raffles.  Tickets are to be used for reward and recognition of behavior.


Can staff/teachers attend the events?

Staff/teachers may attend games as supervisors.  Tickets are never to be used for staff reward or incentives. 


Do staff/teachers always have to attend events?

No.  You may use tickets to send child/parent/mentor/family to an event.  


Can kids go unsupervised?

It is completely appropriate for 16-18 year old's to attend an event with a friend.  It is your judgement to send a 16–18-year-old to an event without an adult. You know your kids best.


How many tickets can I get per event?

That all depends on our inventory. Ticket allocations are determined per event.


How do I receive the tickets?

Tickets are transferred electronically through the event platform i.e. Ticketmaster, SeatGeek


What if my client/student does not have a smart phone?

Kids in Seats will arrange for the tickets to be left at will call.  A valid ID will be needed to pick up tickets. 


What if I don't use all my tickets?

It is expected that your group will use 100% of the tickets allocated.  Failure to do so will result in your inability to claim other events for a period of time. 


Is there a fee to be part of Kids In Seats?

Yes.  There is an annual fee.  Please contact for more information.


How will my group know that tickets are available?

Your designated contact will receive an email announcing ticket availability


How far in advance are ticket opportunities announced?

Tickets are announced typically 3-10 days before the event.  These times vary by our ticket donors.  Occasionly, tickets are announced the same day.  We realize that that does not work for all groups.  No worries.... there will be more events to come.


What if I have more questions?

We are happy to set up a call to answer all your questions.  Please email 

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